Sports Photography


Sports Photography

People are raving about our sports photography! Our Team and Individual photo days run so smoothly you will hardly know we are there. The team we bring onsite is skilled at making the day flow seamlessly and on time. Plus we all have fun! Isn’t that a change. Our system works so well, we are the photographer of choice for some of the largest sporting associations in the province. A combination of great photographs, great products, great staff, great service and state of the art technology make us a leader in the sports photography field!

Your players will immediately notice the difference on photo day. Everyone is having fun! And that’s the way it should be. We bring 6-8 staff to your photo day so it runs on time and is enjoyable for everyone.

Right from the start things are a little different. We work with you to customize a photography program that fulfills your needs. A wide variety of products are available that we design specifically for your organization.

Choose from one of our Sports Photography Programs
AFFA sample GS

Photos are taken using a sport specific background (or an outside location) to create a traditional portrait and memory mate.


Photos are taken against a green screen to allow more contemporary design of borders and memory mates.

Both programs are available as League Pay – where the league supplies a memory Mate for each player, or Player Pay where players order what they want.

All of our programs offer:

My son is in CAUFC. I really liked the photo you took of him…Krista

Our pricing and rebate programs are the best in the business. Give us a call to SEE the difference!