Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography

People are rarely comfortable in front of a camera. It takes many years of practice to be able to help them relax for their portraits. Thats where our experience comes in. This is one reason our studio can come to you. That way you are in your surroundings. Most people feel better that way. Or, you can come to us.

We feel there is an unwritten responsibility entrusted to us. People have a view of themselves that goes further than just their physical looks. It includes their life experiences, their character, lifestyle and beliefs. Anyone can take their picture, but we try to capture a portrait that says something about that person. A portrait that shows the person behind the face.

That’s why we always spend a few minutes trying to get to know you, find out what you are about, and to see how you stand, sit and communicate. It helps us make a portrait of YOU!

Studio Portraits

Simplicity is what we like best in studio portraits. We want your personality to shine through. We want to see YOU, as natural as can be.

Onsite Portraits

We can go to your home, your garden or your favorite place. Going somewhere meaningful to you brings an intamacy to your portrait.

Our portrait sittings can include:

It brought tears to Linda’s eyes when she opened the girls’ picture last night – she loves it!! …Rob

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